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Business Scope

  • Operational online community“极客工坊
  • 经营自有品牌OCROBOT® OAKIOT®相关硬件产品
  • Arduino相关培训与课程设计
  • 创客空间活动与相关服务支持
  • 院校开源硬件的基础课程与培训方案设计
  • Custom development of dedicated hardware
  • Customization and development of commercial solutions based on open source hardware


  • Tel:+860571-81951731(9:00-17:00)+8615658028771 (Other)
  • Contacts:chenglei
  • Address:Building14-102, Ithaca International Town, No. 12 Road, Xiasha Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou
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