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ALPHA 8F328P-U is an Arduino compatible development board.You can use the Arduino IDE for development (you need to install it). It is recommended to use the OCROBOT development environment. The LGT support package can be installed directly in the “Development Board Manager”.

The MCU used in the ALPHA 8F328P-U is the LGT8F328P, an Atmel MEGA328P compatible chip. The USB chip uses the Hetai HT42B534-1, WIN10 and MAC OS X drive-free.

The 8F328P architecture is relatively new in design and its peripheral functions are much stronger than Atmel MEGA328. In particular, the program encryption capability is far more than MEGA328. See the data sheet for details.

PWM pin number:D3、D5、D6、D9、D10、D11

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ALPHA 8F328P-U vs Arduino Nano Clone version vs Arduino Pro Mini Clone version

ALPHA 8F328P-UArduino NanoArduino Pro Mini
Market retail price12¥
USB interfaceexistexistnot exist
ADC accuracy12bit10bit10bit
DAC outputexistnot existnot exist
Internal reference accuracy±0.5%±1.5%±1.5%
PWM dead zone controlexistnot existnot exist
High current push-pull PWMexistnot existnot exist
Highest frequency32M16M16M
Operational Accelerator (DSC)existnot existnot exist
Stack extension systemexistnot existnot exist
after sales supportexistnot existnot exist

From the price, quality, function, service and other aspects, ALPHA 8F328D is better than Arduino Nano and Arduino Mini Pro.


  1. Comes with USB, it is more convenient to use.
  2. The 8F328D can operate at 16M with 3V3 and 5V power supply, and the level compatibility is excellent.
  3. Built-in high-precision RC, stable operation without external crystal.
  4. There are few peripheral parts and the circuit design is simple.
  5. 12-bit ADC (analog-to-digital conversion)
  6. Comes with DAC
  7. Self-contained GUID (unique ID) can be used for chip program encryption
  8. Comes with internal 1.024V/2.048V/4.096V ±1% calibratable reference voltage source


FLASH 32Kbytes
SRAM 2Kbytes
E2PROM Can be configured as 0K/1K/2K/4K/8K (shared with FLASH)
PWM 8ways
Main frequency 16MHz(Maximum is 32MHz)
ADC 6 channels and 12 bits
DAC 1 channel and 8 bits
UART 1 way
SPI exist
TWI(I2C) exist
GUID(Globally Unique Identifier) exist
Internal benchmark 1.024V/2.048V/4.096V ±0.5%
System logic level default voltage is 5V (can be switched to 3V3 through the pad)
3V3 Maximum output current 500MA
PCB size 50.8mmX25.4mm
Pin spacing ALPHA Pin standard

Reference picture

Hetai HT42B534-1 USB drive

The USB chip used by ALPHA 8F328P-U is Hetai HT42B534-1, which is free of drive under WIN10, MAC OS X and Linux.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 driver: local download

If it is a lite version of the Windows operating system (any non-Microsoft officially released installation package may be a streamlined system). There will be situations where the driver cannot be installed because these systems are missing a lot of system driver files. In this case, please reinstall the operating system yourself. Be sure to use the official installation package released by Microsoft to install, do not use any version of ghost.

For some unknown reasons (currently still looking for), the 8F328P serial port uses 19200 baud rate, which will cause problems. For example, you can't burn the program again. So please avoid using the 19200 baud rate.

Compatible Priority vs Performance Priority

OCROBOT IDE's LGT support package After the 0.1.2 version, select the LGT core product, the “mode” option will appear. The default is “compatibility first”

Compatibility Priority: LGT 0.1.1 and previous versions remain compatible. This version branch inherits Arduino's timer and register definitions for each function of the Atmel 328P MCU. Maximum compatibility with traditional Arduino UNO (Atmel 328P core) code is guaranteed.

New Features Priority: The LGT 8F328P is more powerful than the traditional Atmel 328P-AU. These new features will only be available in the new feature priority version. Such as PWM multiplier output, dead zone control, ADC differential input and so on.


ALPHA Application Notes

Larduino HSP

Larduino HSP is the official Arduino support of LGT, if you want to use the Arduino IDE to integrate LGT support. Then you can install HSP yourself into the Arduino. The specific installation location is described in the zip package with a readme file.


HSP is the official Arduino support package for 8F328P MCU produced by LGT. If you need to use it in the original Arduino IDE, please download HSP support to build the environment according to the introduction.
HSP v3.5
HSP v3.6

Description of the ADC's maximum reading of 4064

There is a gain error in the microcontroller sold in the market. The gain error is the degree of deviation between the actual transmission characteristic curve of the ADC and the ideal transmission characteristic curve. The 8F328P has a built-in high-precision internal 1.024\2.048\4.096 reference source in order to make all aspects of the data more accurate. We directly corrected the gain error from the package function of the ADC. The 12-bit output range is 0-4095 because the gain error is mainly present near full scale. So we abandon the data with relatively high gain and relatively large error, limiting the maximum ADC reading to 4064.

High and low thresholds

At 3V3 logic level, the low threshold of the 8F328P is between 1.3-1.4V.

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